MM Alginate CSF Regular 1 lb (ca 453 gr)

MM Alginate CSF Regular 1 lb (ca 453 gr)

Ref. A002883

Description: Prosthetic Grade Alginate, Monster Gel CSF Regular, mixes easily to a very creamy consistency by hand. Works with warm water at 26°C (80°F ). Great for head casts and body casting. Working time is 4-5 minutes.

Mix approx. 2 parts waters to 1 part of alginate ratio by weight until mixture yielsds a creamy consistency similar to that of yoghurt. Langer casts or body casts will require a shell jacket of plaster bandages, which will provide plenty of time for the alginate to set. Although this alginate has high initial tear strength, demolding must be done careefully to avoid tearing.

Model preparation: Monster Gel CSF can be applied to most surfaces with little preparation since the material will not stick to itself, or most other non-porous materials. A small test should always be performed to ensure proper release. A thin coat of petroleum jelly should be sufficient as a release, when needed. For lifecasting, apply a thin coat of skin moisturizer to the skin, and a generous amount of petroleum jelly applied to all exposed facial hair and eyebrows. Do not apply alginate directly to hair.

Mixing and curing: Weigh or measure proper amounts of alginate powder and mix with cool to roomtemperature water. Warmer water will greatly decrease the curing time. Do not use hot water as alginate may cure too quickly. Mix together rapidly, being careful to avoid introducing air bubbles. Apply to surface with a flowing motion pushing out air ahead of material. Please note: be mindful of the amount of material needed, as the alginate will not bond to itself once cured without special bonding agents. Monster Gel CSF Regular alginate is an organic based product and is to be used as a temporary mold material only. To avoid shrinkage and distortion in castings, it is best to make a positive cast immediately. The mold may be kept usable in water, plastic bags, or an airtight container for a few days. Wax, plaster and wax or oil based clays below 100°C (212°F) may be poured into alginate molds. Molds should be immediately discarded after use.

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