Papa's Clay 10 Orange - 75 gr

Ref. A003239

Papa’s Clay is a polymer moulding mass, whose characteristics exceed all well-known materials of this kind, such as clay, modelling clay, etc. Modeled objects can be hardened without changing its shape or dimensions, simply by baking. Polymer Clay softens very quickly in your hands and it becomes suitable for modeling. Hardened figures can be further shaped by a chisel, scalpel, file or a sandpaper. Hardened figure can be boiled or baked many times, in case that we want to add more material to it.


  • Papa’s clay has unique texture who is very easy to work and handle
  • Dirt and dust do not adhere easily
  • Great flexibility after hardening
  • Only 15 min. baking
  • No allergens or toxic substances


Any home oven is suitable for hardening Papa’s clay. Preheat the oven to 130°C/265°F. The hardening process take 15 minutes. If you have more layers you can bake clay several times. Do not use a microwave oven or do not boil in water.

Storage: Store Papa’s clay in plastic vacuum bags at the room temperature.


This product is designed for use by children over 8 years old only. Younger children should only use this clay with adult supervision. Polymer clay should not be put in the mouth.

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