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Terms of use

Art Supplies on Web is very delighted that you have found the way to our webshop. We hope that our selection of products will fit your needs and you will find the packaging you were looking for. However, we kindly request our users to take a moment to carefully go through our terms of use below; mindful of the fact that, when you make use of our website, you implicitly agree with the following conditions


In general

The use of the website is exclusively allowed in compliance with the subsequent conditions. Art Supplies on Web allocates the right to modify, fill up or replace these terms of use at all time. By making use of our website, the user accepts the applicability of the conditions that are valid at that specific moment. The use of the website is at the user’s own risk.


Access to the website

Regarding the the nature of the internet and computer systems, Art Supplies on Web doesn’t guarantee that the website will be online uninterruptedly. Moreover, Art Supplies on Web allocates the right to block or obstruct access to the website at any timer and without further required notifications.


Use of the website and the available content and design

Unless mentioned otherwise, all information one can find on the website is gratuitous. Every user is allowed to adopt the given information for personal objectives. The published information concerning our products aren’t tend to be interpreted as professional advice. For a specialized personal advice, one can contact our staff  info@artsuppliesonweb.com. Nevertheless, it’s the user’s own responsability to verify the appropriateness, accuracy and exactitude of the given information. The liability of Art Supplies on Web in case of incomplete, outdated or inaccurate information; or in case unattended consequences are caused by misinterpretation by the user itself, is restricted to those specific cases wherein one is able to indicate the omission or fraud on the account of Art Supplies on Web itself.

The content and the design of the web pages are copyright protected. Whole are partial reproduction of the content is exclusively allowed in cases where Art Supplies on Web has expressed its explicit approval. Questions and/or remarks about these conditions can be postulated by email or telephone.

The user should underwrite that, by using the website, he will never; under any circumstance:

  • Violate industrial, intellectual or other property rights
  • Send any content which contains viruses, Trojan horses or other programs that might cause harm to our software systems or those of our other users
  • Distribute commercial afvertisements or other uninvited emails (so called SPAM), unjust warnings for viruses or other intrusions, etc.


Important information about viruses

Although Art Supplies on Web makes every endeavor to keep our website free from viruses, Art Supplies on Web cannot provide any warranty or guarantee that it is virus-free. The user shall, for its own protection, take the necessary steps to ensure appropriate security measures and shall utilize a virus scanner before downloading any information, software or documentation.


Measures concerning the use of passwords and responsability

It is within the user’s sole responsibility to secure any passwords and avoid any misconduct as regards the use of such passwords that he might have received for the use of our website. In case the user should discover that his password has unintentionally been made accessible to any unauthorized and/or third party or that there might exist any danger of misuse, the user shall immediately inform Art Supplies on Web. Art Supplies on Web shall then take the necessary measures to block the respective password. Notwithstanding the above however, Art Supplies on Web shall not be liable in contract or under any legal theory that could might be considered applicable, for any damages resulting from the abuse of any personal passwords. In addition, Art Supplies on Web reserves the right, at any time and without having to indicate any specific reasons, to cancel or limit the user’s right to access the password-protected area by blocking its user data.