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Art Supplies on Web and confidential personal- or company information

As supplier of products and goods through the internet, we try our very best to assure a first-rate service to our customers and to efficiently protect confidential information of any kind. The designation ‘confidential information’ encloses all data which make an unambiguous identification of a person possible or more moderate. With respect to confidential information, we strictly obey all legal measures and all other restrictions. In our opinion, it’s also our responsability to inform you about the way we use your personal data.


The selection of products we offer, is available on our website without the requisite of any data about you or your company whatsoever. To request a price offer or other specific information about our goods, we need however an e-mail address and/or other certain personal or company information to provide you the best service as possible.The dispense of that personal, identifiable information makes it possible for us to offer you certain benefits. For you, it’s more convenient to claim specific information about a certain product, receiver personal messages and/or offers which might be interesting for you, to order, etc.


When one visits our website to searc for information, to read about our products or to order; certain information about the visitor shall be be collected and/or saved; like the domain name and the host computer from where one has accessed the internet, the IP-address (Internet Protocol) of the computer one uses, the place and date where from and when one visits our website and the internet address that has linked the visitor to our website. With help from this data, we measure the traffic on our website and are we able to improve our website in the future. These data will be deleted after a certain period of time. We acknowledge our responsability to secure the information one gives us confidentially and/or unconsciously.


Art Supplies on Web adopts various safety methods to secure your personal data, including adapted servers, firewalls and the encryption of financial data.


Once one provided us certain identifiable information, one has the right to change or recall those at any time. Art Supplies on Web guarantees to make the proper adjustments as fast as possible. To make the right corrections, we consider it the responsability of our customers to inform us with the right data at any time.


The technological capacities of the internet are increasing continuously. Any modification of our privacy policy will be announced to our customers on this page. You can contact us with all questions by e-mail info@artsuppliesonweb.com.


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